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MARDI 13 JUILLET 2004 - Striker Lee presents :
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Les riddims d’octobre

jeudi 23 octobre 2003

Au mois d’octobre de nombreuses séries sont sorties en Jamaïque. Les plus furieux d’entre vous s’en sont certainement déjà procurés certaines dans leurs shops habituels, enfin ! si elles sont arrivées. Quoiqu’il en soit, voici les tunes que vous allez retrouver sur galette dans les semaines à venir

BLACK SURVIVOR present the EARTH riddim
this time
admiral tibett
global healing ( radio edit) / ( raw )
capleton & saba
we need them/bath everyday
determine/squidly ranks
unity & strenght/brimstone and fire
sizzla/brimstone and fire

Big Stone Productions present the "Stone Judgment" Rhythm
steve machette
the love you are showing / stay far
sizzla/racquel sellars
determine / survival
determine / big stone
see natty yah
never gonna fail/who gonna tell the story
turbulence/honey cone
wake up and live
mark wonder
love for the children lukie D

"Humal Records" present the "Many Mountains " Rhythm
why / deliver us
silvia tella/nerus joseph
gunz in the ghetto queen omega/vivian jones
africa / let thy will be done
daddy freddy/bongo chilly

Home Run Productions present the "Persistance" Rhythm
this affi play
no more sufering
chuck fenda
dust / who have the answers
feel the pain fantan mojah
mama ( U know )
mitch feat. ARP
what ’ve done wrong
natural black
no matter how far / often wonder
turbulence/higher trod family

kirkledove records presents the "Livity" rhythm
the righteous chrisinti
over and out lenn hammond
red hot

Roller records presents the "rasta meditation" rhythm
la souffrance bobby treasure feat tyrical
trial days / rasta meditation
louie culture/marc roller & anthony selassie
thy children cry / give a little
mark wonder/rapuccino
natural feeling
cry freedom / fraid a nobody
down the road of love

Trinity records presents the "positive" rhythm
jah never leave us
prince theo
kingston city
mark wonder

Zion roots music presents rootsman riddim
errol barrett

Treasure Chest presents the "No War" rhythm

who a di boss
anthony B
high grade / weeping mother
jah mason/katreenah
dis ya small garden / jah merci
louie culture/bobby treasure
seeds of love
legacy / ease the pressure
mark wonder/radic
no war singing
sweet and rappuccino
I shall not fail

Addis records presents the "frontline" rhythm
valley of division
admiral tibett
misconception / give thanks & praises
mark wonder/chezidec
bun down rome
natural black
after all


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Les Brèves
mardi 13 juillet
Striker Lee presents :
promised land / I’ll never fall in love dennis brown dub fire striker lee 7" dub scrub them / dub scrub dem dillinger / tommy mc cook striker lee 7" you are my angel horace andy striker lee 7" zion gate open / give a helping hand jacob miller / owen grey none shall escape striker (...)
mardi 13 avril
K2R riddim
lundi 29 mars
jeudi 23 octobre
Les riddims d’octobre
jeudi 9 octobre
passez nous vos chroniques
mercredi 8 octobre

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